When good fishing goes bad!

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When good fishing goes bad! Empty When good fishing goes bad!

Post  Jetskifishing on Sun Jan 18 2009, 04:36

Hi Crew, Yes, I too have many stories of bloopers while jetskifishing!
I will go back to one of my more classics, as good as I can remember from January 2008.
It it all began with how cocky I had got from all my casaul fishing trips in the Hauraki Gulf, heading out and catching fishing every trip over the Summer. On this particular time I was going well off the eastern tip off Motuihe, with half a dozen Snapper already in the chilli. I just received a call from the family asking if there was fish for dinner and I proudly said Yes and I was told they were at the beach so I decided to meet them in half an hour.
I wound in my line and cruised towards the Motuihe wharf in very smooth conditions, a really nice day. Then on my casaul ride, as I was glancing in the water, narrowly missed a huge Bronze shark on the surface! It all freeked the hell out of me at the time, then as you would I tried to observe behind, to see it again as I was still riding. Before I know it I am upon a large boat wake and then everything happens simutanously! FOR EVERYONES BENEFIT, this was development stages of the Ultimate Rod Holder!
First a Burnscoe advised bungy system snaps open, then releases my other bungy, then the whole rod holder frame lossins and pops completely off the rear boarding platform in to the drink! I turn around to my amazement and it looks like a shipwreck, the lid has samshed of the Igloo bin, fish are floating in the water and all my rods and net have sunk to the bottom of the Motuihe Channel! There was softbaits sprawled through the water and many other items that sunk. I was fortunate to retrieve the chilli bin and frame that was still floating with the lid about 10 metres away.
What an embrassing situation, all the things I procrastinated on should have been done for a reason and eventually contributed at my expense to the Ultimate Rod Holder end product.
It was a long trip back to the ramp to be greeted by kids looking to see my fish, which was now an empty bin with me having a very long face. There has been a few other learning curves like this with my many hours on the water, yet plenty of exciting trips with all positive results.

Cheers, Andrew

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When good fishing goes bad! Empty Re: When good fishing goes bad!

Post  bite me on Mon Feb 23 2009, 15:25

Were you born blonde???? Laughing

bite me

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