Over bar at low tide

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Over bar at low tide Empty Over bar at low tide

Post  orca on Mon Jan 19 2009, 01:30

I'll add my latest blooper in here. Sat morning so keen to get out I beat the sun up, jet'd down the harbour entrance out to the bar crossing. I knew it would be shallow as it was low tide 6.30am, but no swell, no problem. The ski stalled on the bar Exclamation Alarm bell should be sounding - I should have cut it earlier - and drifted onto the bar. I pushed the ski over the bar, which I'd expected to do, no problem, started up and took off to my spot at 30mph for 10min.
Now imagine the smell of melting plastic, no other boats out yet (of course, they can't get over the bar for another 2hours), just light. What a Face
I pulled the rear seat off to find the problem and was met with a steamy/smokey issuance from the rear stainless muffler. With wet gloves, I touched it to gauge the heat and it sizzled. Uh huh, then I took both seats off and started pouring water on the full length of the exhaust to quickly cool it, and pulled away a small piece of melting plastic conduit which had seared to the exhaust.
When I stopped on the bar I'd sucked in enough sand to block the exhaust cooling pipe. After sloshing around in the deep for a few minutes while I settled back down, the pipe cleared and all was well.
Just a reminder to check the cooling outlet while motoring and it's not just waves, to watch for, on the bars.
I'm just glad I hadn't been heading further and waited longer to stop and check as the exhaust is packed for sound with polystyrene hmmm.
Another day wiser...

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Over bar at low tide Empty Re: Over bar at low tide

Post  Jetskifishing on Tue Jan 20 2009, 08:09

That another great tip Orca, we best learn from our own mistakes, I could add another 20 of my funny bloopers, I will add another one next week.

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