Water and your engine, a lovers quarrel

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Water and your engine, a lovers quarrel Empty Water and your engine, a lovers quarrel

Post  wotzy77 on Fri May 29 2009, 12:22

I reckon this is the forum for the subject matter.
Here is a little story.
(My ski was loaned to family member with carefull tutorage and plenty of clear directions..a number of times the directions were given. When i used it a week later it did not start first pop...odd i thought must ask about that. It was borrowed again and a couple of days after its return i got a chance to ask how it went. the response "it wouldnt start after i flushed it"
Now you all know what im going to say next.."just exactly how did you flush it???"
response "i turned the water on turnded the motor on then turned the motor off and let it flush real good before turning the tap off and then it wouldnt start"
"aaaaarrrrrrggggggggHHHH" Yes the cylinders are now full of water...for two days!!!!
Now he did not tell me straight away because i had enough on my plate as my brother in law had given himself to suicide....The morale of this is it is never worth taking your own life no matter what the debts not matter what the trauma, it proves nothing. helps no one and you are needed by others wether you know it or not...chin up and smile the best you know how - the world needs you here.
So FK its only a jetski right....
as advised by riverdad on pwctoday I get the spark plugs out on the third day as i didnt have the tools immediatley and stand and wonder how im going to turn the ski upside down because the forum said to take out plugs and turn motor over.... "you dumbo" my mate says the next day it means start the motor to force water out....
so on day four i try to start motor with plugs out and nothing.... time to goto waverunner hospital.
My mechanic of choice attempted the same thing on day six after he couldnt find the imobolizer in the glove box on day five and diagonosed hydraulic lock due to the water.
As it turns out hydraulic lock had ended as the water drained into the crankcase and rust had set in sticking a number of valves to the cylinder head so it couldnt turn.......oh sweet jesus why me?
I havnt the full details of the repair job but the original qoute was for $6000. Its a 2004 fx160. He forcasted a new head to source a number of valves, honed cylinder bores, replace,refurbish, cylinder heads which had rusted to valves, hopefully no bent cranks, check for other water damage on bottom end and all the usual new seals and gaskets needed for a rebuild. Yes it was a big quote but the guy has serious yamaha experience as an ex yama dealer and was quoting a perfect job. I left it with him and six months later peice by peice, contact by contact, string by string the motor has been rebuilt and i am waiting for a new jet pump housing (the prop is hitting the side, always has coz i know the mark, and since it was disassembled it wont go back as true) and soon she'll be apples. the bill so far is $3000 plus jet housing which i reckon is very lucky. I got a lucky break with some secondhand parts simply coz we waited for them to materialise.)

The ski was not insured, but it sure as hell will be now, and if you are stupid enough to risk lending it to someone else like me ... flush the thing your self later...,,a couple days of saltwater in the cooling system wont do nothing compared to sticking fresh water it down the exhaust
Hope you all enjoy my misfortune,
what do yews reckon?

affraid affraid

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Water and your engine, a lovers quarrel Empty Re: Water and your engine, a lovers quarrel

Post  2-EXTREME on Fri May 29 2009, 20:08

Great (Yet sad) story in more ways than one. Thanks for sharing that experience as I am sure it has happened to many others. Shame about your BIL, good points made and so important for people to know that others do care etc..

Overall sounds like a good result at $3K.

Look forward to seeing some reports once you are on the water again.



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