A Newbie "The Ghost" Gets Caught Out and Rescued !!

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A Newbie "The Ghost" Gets Caught Out and Rescued !! Empty A Newbie "The Ghost" Gets Caught Out and Rescued !!

Post  2-EXTREME on Fri Jul 31 2009, 07:32

I am posting this on here on behalf of a mate who recently purchased a ski and got full setup for JETSKIFISHING and is too embarassed to post this important lesson for all on here.

To paint the picture.............

After the "Ghost" (we shall call him) purchased a ski on my recommendation and got fully kitted with Ultimate Rod Holder, New Rod and Reel, Softbaits, Jig Heads, New Net, Wetsuit, Boots, KNife, Iki and the tackle aquisition syndrome list could go on he decided to go on his maiden voyage. I have given him full run down on what to be aware of with all the safety tips etc (including the one which caught him out)... but besides all this I did get the "Mark, come on mate I've riden skis before mate, I know what its all about and can ra ra ra ra ra ra....."

So the forecast was 35knots gusting from the SouthWest so he decided to launch at Okahu Bay and hang out around the weedy reefs along the bays in a degree of shelter. All was going well and even though no fish he was really enjoying this new method of fishing.

Heading back into the ramp all was going great, the trailer was then backed into the water and he then proceeded to drive the ski onto the trailer....HE IS A PRO REMEMBER......the ski only went half way up as he was being cautious so took out his very long bowline to hold the ski in place whilst he hoped off and headed to the front to winch the ski up. Those that are familiar with the Okahu Boat Ramp will know that it can be a little rough with the strong wind gusts that were howling around. It was at this point in time the ski had slid back off the trailer and was drifting backwards so "The Ghost " ran and jumped back on the ski to drive it up and get this situation under control. So skis running and he swings it around and lines the trailer up perfectly, right, this time, he says as he blips the throttle to keep it on track in these difficult wind conditions. Then just as the bow was about to go into the trailer....the ski dies completely WTF "The Ghost" said to himself as he was blown back away from the trailer. He tried starting the ski and something was not right as nothing was happening. At that point in time as he was getting further and further away from the ramp with each wind gust "The Pro" sorry "The Ghost" realised the bowline was tight under the hull and he had more than likely sucked it up the intake and around the driveshaft.....ahhhh genius!! After several %$#@ %$#@ %%%$#^^^@$#%$ !!!!!! He thought to himself what know. "Too deep to jump off, and anyway the wind gusts are pushing me out and swimming with the ski would be far to cold on this crap winters day"

As seconds went by, he was heading closer to the exposed rocks of the breakwater where the water was rougher than what it was in close. At that moment his rescuer came to his aid in his 8 ft tinnie. However due to the wind gusts the little tinnie unfortunatley was not "The Little Tinnie That Could" and the both got pushed further away until they too got rescued by a more capable craft and back to safety.

The phone call to me, had me with stomach cramps and a sore jaw from laughter on his first JETSKIFISHING outting. This time my advice on how to fix his problem was well received and it did the trick perfectly and has got him back on the water, with no damage to the ski but one slightly shorter bowline!!!!.

"The Ghost" will remain anonymous, but all should remember to watch for ropes (usually ski or biscuit ropes) under your ski when operating and if you are going to run a bowline ESPECIALLY if you keep it attached to the ski and thrown inside your front hatch make sure when you are on dry land and on the trailer cut it just short of the intake grate for length. Then if you accidentally have it fall out and go under the ski when running it won't make any difference.

Take care all.

"Dry your eyes princess, the pain you feel is only weakness leaving your body" A Newbie "The Ghost" Gets Caught Out and Rescued !! Avatar_2298

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A Newbie "The Ghost" Gets Caught Out and Rescued !! Empty Re: A Newbie "The Ghost" Gets Caught Out and Rescued !!

Post  softbaiter on Fri Aug 07 2009, 20:20

praise allah for the great invention otherwise known as flaoting rope! Very Happy Very Happy

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