Baywatch at Motuihe Is

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Baywatch at Motuihe Is

Post  2-EXTREME on Sat Oct 10 2009, 09:19

I will not go into huge detail as I do not wish to embarass one fellow newish jetskifisho who ventured out with me today, so anyway the story goes like this.........

We were riding about 50 metres apart along the back of Motuihe Island at approx 90kph on our way from Crusoe to the Motuihe Channel, with me on the left and the other ski to my right. One thing I always do when riding at any speed is look wel ahead to access the water I am approaching and in doing so noticed a massive set of three waves from a big wake coming towards us at 60 degrees to the right of our skis, so as I backed my speed rapidly off and turned to take the waves, the other ski kept going flat out straight ahead oblivious to what he was about to hit. As he was still travelling at 90kph this all happened very quickly. As he hit the waves almost side on to the ski at about that horrible 45 - 60 degree angle affraid he parted with the ski aerobatically diving through the air off to the right (like off the boat from Baywatch) and hitting the water with an almighty splash. affraid I stopped real fast and rushed to his side to check he was ok. All was well with a little shock of what just happened. The ski however had continued in a straight line before idling down and luckily putting itself into a loop as the rider had not clipped his kill cord on Evil or Very Mad to stop the ski. I then towed him over to the ski so he could swim along side reach up and pull the kill cord and climb on the back.

We then continued on for the rest of our morning. With everything being OK I had to lol! however this could have ended in a very different way with other varying circumstances.

Morale of the story..... clip on your kill cord and watch the water in front of ya at least 50m or so as it can approach pretty quick!!

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Re: Baywatch at Motuihe Is

Post  softbaiter on Mon Oct 12 2009, 03:10

hahahaha Classic Laughing Laughing

I got annoyed with the lanyard on my wrist so now it clips onto my lifejacket, seems to piss me off less.

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