Which is best Yamaha SUV or VX110 ??

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Which is best Yamaha SUV or VX110 ??

Post  IANKH on Fri Jun 05 2009, 21:09

I have seen a both ofthe above ski's and cannot make my mind up between them.
The VX110 is a nice ski with a good reputation for excellent reliability and longevity however the SUV is about 13 inches wider and 24 inches longer, which should mean that it is a significantly more stable ski than the VX to fish off.It also has a massive amount of storage space, but is more expensive on fuel.
I am not too concerned at the diffrence in fuel economy as my fishing does not require long runs from the launch areas however I am concerned that as most of my fishing would be alone (about a mile offshore ) that the 2 stroke SUV would have reliability issues compared to the 4 stroke vx?
I have read about "Jetski Brian" who has put hundreds of hours on the SUV and ventures miles offshore, so are my concerns regarding the SUV lack of reliabilty unfounded?
How stable is teh VX compared to the SUV?
Are there any other PWC out there similar in size to the SUV but with a 4 stroke engine?

Any help appreciated


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Tough Choice

Post  swasy on Sat Jun 06 2009, 01:50

Hi Ian

Tough choice indeed. I run a FX 160 HO (07) I find the four strokes to be great. However my experience with 2 stroke is OK as well. Both 2 & 4 strokes need to be maintained properly to ensure reliable running.

I do like how Brian has set is up, it is a beast to behold. Brian does not seem the type to put up with unreliability...so I think your safe their but I'm sure Brian will comment.

My view would be that if you are only going a mile or so off shore most of the time I'd probably go for the 2 stroke as my personal opinion is that the 4 strokes like to longer runs to keep them in optimum condition. My experiance is that if you don't get the 4 stroke hot they can suffer from fouled plugs if to much idling is done while cold. (I've replaced a set of plugs through this)

If your happy with both options I'd look out for the best deal/condition unit you can find for your price range and go with it.

Cheers Keith


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