Can anyone help me regarding gps and fish finder??????????

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Can anyone help me regarding gps and fish finder??????????

Post  smithy on Sat Nov 14 2009, 12:26

hi guys!!!

i need a little help i want to buy my husband a gps/fish finder for his christmas present and am completly confused what is the best one to buy and what do i need to look out for he has said he is not to worried about having the fish finder and gps more so the gps my price range is $600
can anyone help

cheers guys!!!!!!!!!!!! confused


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Can anyone help me regarding gps and fish finder??????????

Post  aleigh on Sat Nov 14 2009, 19:19

I assume this is for a jetski.

If so then need to look at where he will mount it - depends on make and model of jetski as to where best to mount.
Then you need to know if needs maps in high detail or just lower resolution.
Some have external GPS antennas which are great for boats that have the GPS unit under cover but if not under cover then internnal GPS antenna easier.
Some models have inbuilt maps (usually the cheaper ones) and some have maps on a SD memory card that comes separate (about $250 for Navionics Auckland area maps)
Your price range is not too high so selection of GPS will be limited to either Black and white with internal low res maps.
Found some units here :

if you don't mind buying from USA and then getting a NZ chart then try one of these links

get back to us or anyone else that replies or use the personal message button and I'll reply by email as I know soimeone that got me a Eagle Fishelite 640C (external GPS with fishfinder) including Nautipath maps of NZ/Aust for just over $1000 so may be able to ask him for you - the included maps saves you quite a bit of money and the 640C is a nice unit as installed on my jetski with fishfinder transducer on the back

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